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Jindal Naturecure Institute, Bangalore is one of the most popular alternate therapy centres in India. Naturopathy is a way of life, it is a philosophy and we look at holistic healing to help our patients manage their diseases and disorders. Very effective with lifestyle disorders and pain management, it combines dietary changes, exercise, yoga and manipulative therapies. Being a leading yoga institute in Bangalore, we have top yoga practitioners and professionals working with us to assist patients with pain management.

At JNI, we treat a variety of diseases from arthritis, menstrual disorders, hormonal problems, blood pressure and sugar and various other lifestyle based disorders and stress related disorders. Jindal Naturecure reviews from patients highlight our focus on a balanced lifestyle to combat most problems and we strive to delve into the root cause of problems before beginning treatment. We have state of the art diagnostic facilities and we are invested in finding out the problem first and then proceed to consider various treatment approaches before drawing up a personalized plan.

We advocate vegetarianism and we are against any form of substance abuse for we believe that such habits don’t just deteriorate health, they are social evils and wreak havoc on the society too! Jindal Naturecure Institute ratings and reviews online talk about our strict schedules and how they have helped patients come out of serious problems such as obesity, thyroid issues and other lifestyle disorders. Meditation, yoga, exercise, a healthy diet and avoiding certain food items and habits based on the problem at hand can do wonders to the body. Check out some of the Jindal Naturecure reviews from our patients below.

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Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore rated 4.5 / 5 based on 12 Reviews

User Reviews

Good Place

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I took up treatment at JNI 2 months back for my menstrual problems. I was diagnosed with PCOD with insulin resistance. I have always had weight issues ever since I was a teen and we have never quite been able to figure out the true reason. The diet is pretty different – vegetable juices and whatnot! But it works wonders and I find that when you work out together with other people, it is easier to exercise and do tough stuff. I lost a good deal of weight and my cycles started becoming normal. I find it tough to keep up the rigorous regimen but I am determined to do so to stay fit and healthy. Really good place, would recommend to all!

Very Effective Treatments

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I have long been plagued by sciatica and diabetes. Sciatica pain was unbearable at times and my sugar levels were pretty high. I applied to JNI for treatment in an Executive Room and to my dismay I had a really long waiting period. I had heard of JNI through a friend and I badly wanted to try something new for my pain. Finally when I got in, I was not able to cope with their system immediately (I guess it is tough for everyone initially though!). It took me at least 2 weeks to get used to strict diets, exercise (the pain was high initially) and the strict regimen. I however did try to follow whatever was said religiously and during my treatment period of 14 days , I did notice that a slight improvement in my sciatica was happening everyday – I was getting well day by day - it no longer hurt as much when I moved. Acupuncture and manipulative therapies work really well for that. I also did mild Yoga and exercise apart from diet control and these helped my sugar level as well. I came out a fit man which i still am As I look back, I feel it is really simple. All that you need to do is to exercise for an hour a day, and have control on your palate. Believe me - it works as it did for me!

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